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Nanoplex is the youth & family programme at the Cube. Nanoplex is the version of The Cube Cinema that accommodates and makes way for young minds, encouraging active learning, creativity and providing opportunities for young people to help build and create their own culture. Hosting workshops, cabarets, film screenings and gigs.




JULY 2011


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21 February, Cube Cinema, Bristol 1.30pm
Nanoplex Haiti Fundraiser KIDS KINO SPECIAL

(film + games + fun) 8pm 11pm KATH BLOOM + SLOW (music)

8 for joint ticket Kath Bloom and Nanoplex Haiti Fundraiser
4 per child and adult for only Nanoplex Haiti Fundraiser

Nanoplex presents a children's afternoon cinema and workshops, including short and long films, demonstrations on how to project in public spaces and making film postcards for Haitian children, followed by extraordinary evening gig, Kath Bloom (

We hope to have some special cinema guests at the afternoon event talking about similar programmes and what this project could mean for the children and their families and The Cube itself.

Cake sales, drinks and snacks available.

Buy Tickets:
telephone/internet bookings 0870 4444 400/0117 929 9008
26 Union Street Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 2DP
- THE HERE SHOP, Stokes Croft


1.30 pm Azur and Asmar- The Princes Quest
3.30 pm Making digital Postcards and how to project film outside
4.30 guest speaker tbc
5.00 pm The Red Balloon
7.30 pm doors open for Kath Bloom

Azur & Asmar: The Princes Quest
Michel Ocelot/ 2006/ France/ 90 mins/ cert U

Azur and Azmar The Princes Quest is the latest stunningly animated film from the director of Kirikou and the Sorceress and Princes and Princesses, Michel Ocelot.

Once upon a time, one woman brought up two children, Azur, the blonde, blue-eyed son of a nobleman, and Asmar, the dark-skinned and dark-eyed child of a nurse. The boys grew up together, until fate cruelly separated them.

Years later, they meet again and embark on a quest to rescue the legendary Fairy they heard of in their bedtime stories, facing giant birds, magical creatures and a Scarlet Lion along the way.

The Princes Quest is a wonderful spin on the Arabian-nights style story. Join Azur and Asmars journey into the fairytale world of bright, vibrant colours, magical lands and unknown dangers.

FILM - The Red Balloon
Albert Lamorisse/ France/ 1956/ 34 mins/ Cert U

Albert Lamorisse's little wonder tells the story of young Pascal (Lamorisse's own son Pascal), a nine-year-old Parisian boy living an ordinary life in a sketchy but absolutely gorgeous and cinematic Parisian neighbourhood until the day that a large red balloon mysteriously floats into his life and stays. As he plays with his new acquisition, the boy discovers that the balloon seemingly has a mind of its own. The little red orb follows its new "master" all through the streets of Paris, then dogs the boy's trail into the schoolroom, which drives the teacher to comic distraction. Towards the end, it seems as though boy and balloon will be parted forever....but director Lamorisse has a delightful surprise in store for us.

March 21st Sunday March 21st/ 11am-1pm/ 5
Papercinema and Nanoplex presents all ages - WORKSHOP

Get ready for a fantastic day with the amazing Paper Cinema. Learn how to create marionettes and bring them to life in a world of shadows using film and light. Creator Nic uses drawings and paper to make his atmospheric films and will take you on an amazing journey in this brilliant workshop. After the workshop, the participants will be encouraged to contribute in rehersals for the afternoon performance accompanied by the magical Cube Orchestra.

March Sunday 21st/ 3.30pm/ 3/ 4/ suitable for all
The Paper Cinema - SHOW

A very special performance from The Paper Cinema promising light, shadows, handmade marionettes and puppets also made by Paper Cinema workshop participants.

Expect athmospheric scenery, shimmering images, enchanting stories and music from The Cube's very own Orchestra.

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